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Bread shortages reported in Addis Ababa


Private media are reporting a bread shortage in Addis Ababa, where residents of the city are complaining about their difficulty to find affordable, smaller size breads. Addis Guday a weekly Amharic magazine, says the lack of flour might have led to bread shortages in the city, quoting some bakery owners. The magazine also said there has been slight price increase in some food items that are made with wheat flour.
A quick survey conducted by the magazine staff in some bakeries of the city conformed that there has indeed been an acute bread shortage in the city, especially the often consumed smaller size breads. The breads that were mostly available were those bigger ones, which cost around ten birr.
The Ethiopian government has not acknowledged a bread and wheat shortage in the city. Addis Guday quoted Kelemework, vice-chair of the Ethiopian Agricultural Agency, as saying he is not aware of the city’s bread crisis.
Bread is a staple in the Ethiopian diet, eaten with almost every meal. People are largely dependent on private bakeries amid an acute bread shortage there. The government often says the country has enough wheat reserves for one year and a half.

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