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Wedding draws huge media interest

October 19, 2008 3 comments

A media frenzy is expected in Addis ahead of Sunday’s celebrity wedding of the year-between Tirunesh Dibaba and Sileshi Sihine. Euro Sport, the leading athletics channel, is sending its crew to Addis to cover the event. A French photographic agency, Agence Shot and the hugely popular US-based Track and Field News are also sending their journalists, according to Elshadai Negash, wedding coordinator and website developer. Read more…


Tirunesh and Sileshi set for wedding

October 5, 2008 59 comments

Addis is gearing up for a high profile wedding this month. Local media have already started talking about it with gusto.

Double Olympic gold champion Tirunesh Dibaba, fondly called the Baby Faced Destroyer, is to marry her long-time fiancé and fellow club mate Sileshi Sihine on Sunday, October 26, 2008.

Tirunehs, 23, and Sileshi 25, met five years ago while training at the Prison Sport Club.

Ethiopialink reported last night that the couple will tie the knot at a church before heading to a reception at Sheraton Addis. Friends and relatives, among them well-known athlete Derartu Tulu are busy planning the wedding and the couples are currently in Dubai shopping wedding materials.

How much the wedding will cost is not known yet but the festivities are expected to light up Addis with firework at around Sheraton Addis. Police marsh will accompany the wedding and probably a helicopter would be hired from the Ministry of Defense to ferry the bride and groom.

A list of Ethiopia’s A-list athletes, government officials and business moguls are expected to attend the event.

Tirunesh, a formidable athlete is notable for her good looks.It was rumored many other athletes in the past were making a romantic advance on her, including Tariku Bekele who was later allegedly warned by Sileshi not to get close to her.


(In the picture Tirunehs and Silesh are seen wearing army uniform after their club bestowed them military rank last month.The picture was taken from the Reporter.)