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Teddy Afro and Amleset Muchie get married

September 27, 2012 15 comments

Singer and songwriter Teddy Afro and his fiancé Amleset Muchie, an occasional actress and model, tied the knot on Thursday at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa. Find full story here.

The return of Kuku Sebsibe

June 24, 2012 5 comments

For some, Kuku Sebsibe’s best days are behind her. Changing musical trends and long absence from home might have prematurely ended her budding stardom, but the pop star’s recent musical résumé shows that may not always be the case. At 52, Kuku is still pushing boundaries with her music and is attracting new fans. In fact, the 80s star, known as much for her hair style as for her love songs, is enjoying renewed limelight. Performing every week at the renowned Jazz Amba, she has become part of the city’s music scene.Her recent track in which she pays tribute to the iconic Ethiopian female musician, Bizunesh Bekele, is remarkably well executed, and can regularly be heard playing on the radio and TV.
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Awesome Tikur Sew video

June 11, 2012 8 comments

Last week was the premiere of the music video for Teddy Afro’s title track, Tikur Sew, which revolves around the Battle of Adwa, one of the pivotal moments in the country’s history in which an Ethiopian army under the leadership of Emperor Menelik decisively defeated the Italians. Showing such an important historical theme in a music video format could seem ambitious and a little ostentatious. Yet Tikur Sew is no ordinary video. It is ten minutes long, and it features 420 actors, 25 horses and riders, dozens of costume changes, dozens of extras. Well, the black-and-white video makes for a great watch, thanks to well-executed production, creative editing, good quality sound, and high definition images. Read more…

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“Enkuan” a poem by Teddy Afro

January 30, 2010 30 comments

Ethiopian music star Tewdros Kasahaun (fondly called Teddy Afro) has recently read number of poems that he has written while he was in Kaliti Prison. The poems were mostly personal observations, reflections and meditations and have some prominent people as their subjects.The following Amharic poem that came out in today’s edition of Kumneger magazine criticizes some people who were trying to make a scandal out of the renowned writer Sebhat Gebregziabher’s marriage to a girl much younger than him.”Enkuan” which literally means “So what?” is a word that Sebhat often makes use of when people confronts him with accusatory remarks.
The selection of the poems will appear in a book coming out soon.
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