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A Rasta woman on her life on ‘the Promised Land’

March 21, 2012 7 comments

The Rastafarians regard Ethiopia as their ancestral home and believe that Ethiopia’s last emperor,Emperor Haile Selassie, was the Messiah, fulfilling the Biblical prophecy that kings would come out of Africa.Hundreds of followers from the Caribbean, the United States,the United Kingdom and France are residing on 500 acres of land granted by the Emperor in Shashemene, a sizable town in southern Ethiopia. Most say they have sacrificed three or four decades for a country and movement that they say gave them nothing. Most of them say theirs is a struggle for daily survival and endeavor to integrate with the local populations. A festival comprising of an art and photographic exhibition, lectures, films, a panel discussion, concerts of drums and reggae, arts and crafts fair was held at Alliance Ethio Française last weekend for an insight into the Rastafari movement. Addis Journal talks to some of the Rastafarians to tell the story of their lives in the country that they call ‘the Promised Land’. Here is an excerpt from an interview held with a Rasta woman who is originally from England and now fulfilling a life-long dream to be African again. Read more…