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A photograph exhibition: Sudan’s Frontiers and Frontlines

June 14, 2012 1 comment

The work of French photographer Jérôme Tubiana is the subject of an exhibition at the French Center for Ethiopian Studies (CFEE) in Addis Ababa. Titled “Sudan’s Frontiers and Frontlines”, the exhibition includes 30 photographs, most of them taken after the independence of South Sudan in mid-2011.The photos depict the situations of rebel soldiers of Sudan People’s Liberation Army, the plight of refugees in Yida camp who had fled their homes in search of safety.With the independence of South Sudan, the frontlines which in the past pastoralists used to cross without necessarily feeling they belong to one side have now become disputed borderlands. Jérôme who has been travelling around those old and new frontiers became an eyewitness to the dramatic events, through his camra lens.”I position myself as a neutral observer, just showing what I saw, both victims and perpetuators,” says the 37-year-old photographer. Read more…