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The return of Kuku Sebsibe

June 24, 2012 5 comments

For some, Kuku Sebsibe’s best days are behind her. Changing musical trends and long absence from home might have prematurely ended her budding stardom, but the pop star’s recent musical résumé shows that may not always be the case. At 52, Kuku is still pushing boundaries with her music and is attracting new fans. In fact, the 80s star, known as much for her hair style as for her love songs, is enjoying renewed limelight. Performing every week at the renowned Jazz Amba, she has become part of the city’s music scene.Her recent track in which she pays tribute to the iconic Ethiopian female musician, Bizunesh Bekele, is remarkably well executed, and can regularly be heard playing on the radio and TV.
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Ali Birra not quitting music

August 9, 2009 1 comment

Famed Oromigna pop star Ali Birra denied claim he is quitting music, even though his newly released album was advertised as his last one.
In a telephone interview with Tadias Addis’s Seifu Fantahun last night, Ali said he has no plan to quit music and added he will be making more albums.
“I think the producers have done that for business. No, I’m mot quitting. I’ve been in the music industry for forty seven years. I can’t do that all at once,” he told Seifu.
The Canada-based Ali had a colon cancer surgery last year. He told the interviewer that he was lucky because his cancer was detected at an early stage. “I’m in pretty good condition right now,” Ali said. But as his condition needed follow-up, he was forced to postpone his homecoming plan, he added. Read more…