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Affordable Addis Art Fair

March 18, 2014 Leave a comment

Art Fair 011
For the first time in Addis Ababa, a massive art fair is offering contemporary Ethiopian art for sale to collectors and first-time buyers. Some 1 000m² of floor space at Boles Millennium hall is filled with a great visual feast with the inauguration of the four day Addis Art Fair, running from 15 to 18 March. The art showcase included its range of traditional works, like paintings, drawings and sculptures, as well as patchwork, installations, print and ceramics pieces from both established and promising newcomer artists.

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Fourth Installment of Art of Ethiopia

August 29, 2011 2 comments

Rain and wet weather din’t stop art lovers in Addis from heading to the city’s luxury hotel, the Sheraton Addis’s Lalibela Grand Ballroom for the fourth installment of Art of Ethiopia. It is the city’s biggest such show and it has become an important platform for the art fraternity to do business. The exhibition, installed by a curator from Dubai, has contained 400 works, arranged according to topics and color resemblance. But a uniting preoccupation seems to be matters of identity, history, place and social criticism. This year some big names such as Afewerk Tekle, Alle Felege Selam, Mezgebu Tesemma, Worku Mamo, Bekele Mekonnen were conspicuously absent. A great number of the artists were under 35, and there were more women than before, (ten to what was seven last year). Though each of the artists presented ten works, their works were randomly placed, making it at times harder for the spectator to follow the artist’s train of thought. Read more…