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A charming island


We are continuing our vacation in France. We spent a week in one of Breton’s islands, Île de Groix (the island of Groix), where my girlfriend’s aunt has a villa. We were lucky to have a host in such pretty island. Located on the rocky riot of the south-east coast, Groix has all the amenities for a peaceful and comfortable stay and beach relaxation.

The island, which measures only eight square miles, hosts more vacationers than full time residents in the summer. In the main village Le Bourg, 500 yards uphill from the port, cafés that would look right at home on the Left Bank stand next to smoky bars where fishermen come to fortify themselves with a morning cognac.

“There was a time when Groix, throbbed with activity. Sardines came in on every tide and, until 1945, it was France’s leading tuna port,” excitable brochures tell you. “With men at sea, women farmed strips of unyielding land. Great days, but gone. The biggest tuna cannery – on pint-sized Port Tudy – is now a museum!” Farmland is reverting to wild heath. While the main village retains a white-stone, wood-fronted homeliness, there’s a suburban feel to its fringes.



We had beautiful weather during our visit to Island f Groix. Sunshine and bright blue skies greeted us at dawn and stayed with us the entire time. I was continually amazed at the beauty of the place and I really left it feeling that I had not stayed long enough to see everything that I had wanted to.


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