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Deadly fire in Addis, neighbors help extinguish fire

Addis Journal

Addis Journal

The call echoed across a teeming Addis slum, in an area popularly known as Chechnya just after 11:30 A.M on Tuesday morning: "Smoke!"
Within seconds, dark clouds choked the city's red-light district, in front of Yoly Building lined with shops, bars and brothels.Panic-stricken prostitutes most of them dressed in bright layers of clothing rushed outside.Others ran around to save their belongings. The blaze spread quickly and started shooting up over the tree line.

Addis Journal

Addis Journal

The scene was chaotic, with many people helping to suppress the fire. A couple of neighbors and passerby used buckets of water to douse the intense flames. Some shattered windows and doors and climbed in to battle the blaze. Moments later, the roof erupted in flames, sending the people scrambling out. Firefighters were called but they were nowhere to be seen. The residents persistently continued their efforts and they were finally able to knock down the flames. Their action to contain the fire in those circumstances certainly limited the damage to the area.
Despite the efforts, it later emerged that a life was lost. A man who was apparently asleep in a back side room was discovered badly burnt after a search. Another person was injured while battling the blaze. There has also been extensive material damage, as four houses were destroyed.

Addis journal

Addis journal

The firefighters later arrived on scene but the fire was already under control. They were welcomed by an angry crowd who shouted why it would take them so long to respond to their distress calls.Some contemptuously clapped for them. The neighbors, on the other hand, worked hard to keep the fire away and their quick action proved heroic and laudable.

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