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The lure of the white sand beach

Sables Blancs

In the southeastern part of Djibouti lies Tadjourah, which is hardly a city; rather it’s more like a cluster of buildings around a beautiful gulf and a palm grove. Located 173k from Djibouti City (a two-hour drive via a 4×4 vehicle or 45 minutes by boat), the historical port town harbors the once nomadic Afar people, numbered around 25,000. The Rea Sea, whose clear and warm water supports abundant coral and rich animal life, meanders along the town’s shore in a sprawl of white sand, making Tadjourah an attractive town. This body of water in the hot and dry climate is increasingly drawing visitors from around the world for its pristine sun-kissed beaches. One of those beautiful beaches is the Sables Blancs (which in French means White Sand), 7 km from Tadjourah town.
Tucked away in the beach are low-key, rustic beachfront cottages that offer fun and good vibe. Simple, authentic, and sustainable are the leading qualities behind this locally owned establishment. It has been welcoming guests with those cottages, offering views of picturesque waters of the Red Sea.
Omar Hussien, the owner of the Sable Blancs

The original concept was to create a structure that would reflect its landscape without attracting too much attention. “I wanted to try to build a house which was seen as beautiful in the same complex way as nature,” states Omar Hussien, the owner of the establishment. The result is energy-efficient small houses that have minimal impact on their surrounding environment. “The rooms are thatched with grass and features wooden flooring, curved surfaces.”
Sables Blancs cottages boast of melding eco credentials and contemporary style as its project embraces the protection of an area, while providing sustainable opportunities for local communities.
A new bungalow
A new bungalow is also being added to the establishment to take it to the next level. It will include a restaurant, a bar, and conference room, and private residence. When it fully opens on September, the new addition will be able to accommodate more clients than the whole place does now, but still keeping the essence of ecotourism. “To me, sustainable means a non-conflict design,” Omar says. Omar said it would be limiting the impact on the environment to “protect and enhance the natural beauty of the area.” “For that same reason I chose to put up this lodge and create employment for the Tadjourah community. I want to call upon Ethiopians and other nationals to come and visit the site,” he said.
Sables Blancs access to an underwater world teeming with marine life —there are many kinds of fish and coral reefs here. Local village visits and paddling across the blue waters are also options, but for diving and snorkeling aficionados, this is a trip of a lifetime.

You could email Omar Houssein omarhoussein2007@yahoo.fr

  1. Hanou
    July 5, 2013 at 6:18 am

    a magical place truly a paradise on earth ❤ ❤ ❤ missing…missing…missing

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