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The Secret Wisdom of Talisman

(Press Release)
Talismanic art is a touchstone of traditional Ethiopian art. Drawing on various roots – and with visual similarities to mandalas and calligraphy -the pieces have been used as healing tools, and are also sometimes called magic scrolls.
Mezgebu is a direct descendant of this tradition. His father, Gera, was a leading exponent and master of this idiom.
Gera was described as a “sage, a true icon who lives in a universe inhabited by angels and demons in a perpetual combat for good and evil”
Mezgebu, trained in the technique and knowledge by his father, builds on his familial traditions and the larger Ethiopian talismanic tradition in creating his works.
A show at LeLa Art Gallery in Addis Ababa presents Mezgebu’s fresh and different approaches to this tradition. Building on tradition while searching for new forms of expression within a traditionally circumscribed form; these pieces are both homage to the genre and a break from it, trying to expose this art form to a wider audience.
Born in 1980, Mezgebu lives and works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He has exhibited in Ethiopia, France, and Italy.
Saturday October 6th 2012, from 3pm onward.
Exhibition runs till October 28th 2012.
For more info LeLa Art Gallery web

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