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Holy Week in Aksum -Photos

For Christians Holy Week, the Week of Pains (Himamat) is the week which precedes the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. The week starts on Palm Sunday or Hosanna, when devotees celebrate Christ’s triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. It is celebrated with the proper ceremonies with palms, processions and special services. For some, from Thursday afternoon until Easter morning no morsel of food nor a drop of water enters the mouth and the three days are known as ”Qanona”.Men and women go to church to prostrate themselves, remaining there from early morning till 3 P.M the hour of Jesus Christ. Believers confess their greater and lesser offenses to the confessor or sit reading their Psalter.
In Aksum’s Church of Our Virgin Mary of Zion, celebrations for Holy Week are often spectacular. Here are some random photos taken from the occasions.

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    Please read this article on the Holy Week in Addis. I had the pleasure to attend some of the ceremonies a year ago; so this report got me longing for the next occasion to go back …

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