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Ali Birra not quitting music

Famed Oromigna pop star Ali Birra denied claim he is quitting music, even though his newly released album was advertised as his last one.
In a telephone interview with Tadias Addis’s Seifu Fantahun last night, Ali said he has no plan to quit music and added he will be making more albums.
“I think the producers have done that for business. No, I’m mot quitting. I’ve been in the music industry for forty seven years. I can’t do that all at once,” he told Seifu.
The Canada-based Ali had a colon cancer surgery last year. He told the interviewer that he was lucky because his cancer was detected at an early stage. “I’m in pretty good condition right now,” Ali said. But as his condition needed follow-up, he was forced to postpone his homecoming plan, he added.
Ali has compiled his old and new songs in his latest recording, for which he was paid around 700, 000 birr ($65,000).He said it was because of fan requests that he came to reinvent some of his old hits.
Ali who was born in Lagahare area of Dire Dawa in 1950 has been the dominant figure in Oromigna music scene. A member of the former Kibur Zebegna Royal Orchestra, he has played with the top Ethiopian musicians like Tilahun Gessesse, Mahamoud Ahmed and Bizunesh Bekele. A phrase Ammalelee from one of hits has become part of the Amharic music lexis.
Watch Ali and Mahamud Ahmed performing live.

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