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No resolution in Synod’s meeting

Crucial talks aimed at settling the dispute at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church have broken up without a resolution, despite pressure from the government. The meeting ended without reaching an agreement on the contentious issues, it was said. The Patriarch, Abune Paulos refused to lift the suspension of Archbishop of the Addis Ababa diocese, Abune Samuel and the recently dissolved executive committee that comprised of seven archbishops.
“We had extensive conversations that confronted the depth of the conflicts we face but we were not able to come to consensus on how to resolve the crisis,” a bishop told Addis Journal.
Turning away discussions on issues rocking the Church, the Patriarch told members of the disbanded executive committee that their duty would only be to draft a charter in which the committee would be governed.When the Archbishops informed him that they had already done that, he went on to say that there would be no need for further discussion then and he would submit the charter to the church’s scholar and legal council for review and puts it forward for approval the synod’s October 2009 meeting .
Disappointed, some of the archbishops reportedly walked out of the meeting.
In a move some say could make matters more complicated, the Patriarch himself handpicked 13 loyal priests for a new “independent’ committee, intended to replace the dissolved executive committee. The episode has proved the cloud of misfortune that has hung over the church.
Since last week, the Synod’s has been meeting to pass decision on the disagreement between Abune Paulos and the executive committee established by the Synod. The government warned the Patriarch and the bishops that it would intervene if they fail to resolve the problem by themselves.

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