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Abebe Worke arrested

Prominent lawyer and chairman of the Ethiopian Human Rights Council(EHRCO), Abebe Worke has become the latest victim of arrest in connection with the printing and studio equipment of the Addis Broadcasting plc. (ABC)
The Amharic Reporter today reported that Abebe was was arrested on June 4 appeared before the Arada branch of the Federal First Instance Court on June 5 for his alleged involvement in bringing digital radio broadcasts equipments to the country without declaring the equipments and trying to pass the equipments for a third party.
According the Reporter, police asked for an additional ten days to gather evidence, for which the court consented.
The 68-year-old lawyer has served as judge for 19 years and has been chairman of the EHRCO for the past six years.
Abebe who is one of the shareholders of Addis Broadcasting Company has joined the other captives, VOA’s reporter Melescahew Amha, the company general manger, Woizero Amelework Tadesse, the company’s driver, Ato Demeke Getu and other two people who were arrested on May 27.
Addis Broadcasting Company is owned by Dr. Berhanu Nega, Ato Berhane Mewa,Dr. Shawel Hailu, Professor Mesfin Woldemaryam, Dr. Befekadu Degfie, and other 32 personalities.Unable to obtain a radio licenses, the company had been closed for along time without giving any service.

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  1. dambisa
    June 12, 2009 at 9:30 am

    Did they run out of reason for arrest? lol

    Here is an Idea, the toilet paper they used two years ago was imported without paying tax!

    Yes! the HRC head also forgot to give tips for local shoe shine guy, YES!
    The police need 2 years time to investigate the matter

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