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Pictures of the week

A model with a decorative outfit poses for an outdoor photo shoot.


A severe shortage of coins persisted in Ethiopia. Anyone purchasing a newspaper or traveling in a taxi has to have the correct change. Coin boys like this one are in demand.


Increasing number of Addis woman patronize expensive hairdressers for style and beauty. The woman in the picture is wearing Shuruba, plaits tightly braided to the head and fuzzing at the shoulders. The making of Shuruba could take four or five hours and cost the client about 100 Ethiopian birr. Involving plucking, curling, braiding and adding of false hair, the style could look good for two or three weeks.

A half-Greek, half-Ethiopian by the name Panayotis is busy in his spare part shop on Saturday afternoon around Atkilt Tera area. Born in Dembi Dolo, Panyotis speaks Amharic and Oromiffa eloquently yet he has retained his ties to the country his ancestors came from.
A once strong Greek community that numbered around four thousands during the Emperor’s time was broken up by involuntary separation and displacement by the military regime. Today it is estimated around 600 the last of Greeks and half-Greeks live in Addis.

The writing on the wall
This notice for the All Amhara People’s Organization still hangs on the wall of Arada building in piazza, long after the party ceased to exist.

A crippled man impresses passerby with his remarkable dexterity in carpentering. His products are as good as any capable carpenter.

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  1. June 8, 2009 at 11:55 am

    Congratulations, Arefe
    A very interesting view cronicle.

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