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Businessman threatens to sue actress

Award winning actress Mulualem Tadesse may not immediately seem the likely person who would be considered to be sued.

But owner of Mati Cinema, Tekleberhan Ambaye, is threatening to sue her over share of profits.

The award-winning stage actress Mululem has taken 375, 000 birr from the businessman to finance Abugida, a feature film based on the coup attempt against the Mengistu’s regime, premiered two years ago.

The businessman said he felt cheated as he has neither received money nor any financial statement from the actress so far.

During the making of the film, the two had struck a deal in which they agreed that Mulualem would take 60 percent of the profit and Tekleberhan the 40 percent.

However, the film failed to cover its expenses, let alone make profit.

Tekleberhan told Tadias Addis that he was angry as Muluaem refused to give him regular financial information about his film’s earnings, even if there wasn’t any profit.

 He said his staff’s repeated attempts to reach her has failed and has now come to the decision to send her a final letter with a warning he would take a legal action if she wouldn’t respond again.

Mulualem who was also interviewed on the program said that she is saddened that the businessman has taken this course but she is still hopeful that they could settle the matter out-of-court.

Saying the two has been communicating regularly, Mulualem said she has any intention of concealing the financial information. But the contact that has been cut when she had been admitted to hospital for a month, she explained. Mululam said the suit has no merit and would do both better if things are settled without going to legal dispute.

Mulualem has acted in a number of stages and films and has also her own advertising company in which she features herself regularly, which made her a household name.

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