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Terror suspects appear before court

The private weekly Addis Admass (January 24) disclosed that 18 suspects accused of preparing to launch terrorist attacks and organized under Islam have been arrested by police. The Federal Prosecutor has filed charges against the suspects. Organized under Kwarji terror group, the suspects were accused of forming a network in Wollo, Western Wollega, Assosa, Silte and Jimma and recruiting Muslim youth for terror activities. The suspects appeared before court on January 21 and heard the prosecutor’s charges. According to the charges filed at the Second Criminal Bench of the Federal High court, the 18 suspects have violated the 1996(E.C) Criminal Code 539.1 (a) by organizing Muslim youth in the mentioned areas and arming them for terrorist acts.

The group, led by the 13th defendant in the prosecutor’s charge file, Mukrim Gedu, was preparing to carry out terrorist attacks, according to the charges. The training given under the leadership of Mukrim Gedu teaches that:”Genuine Muslims are not guided by man-made laws; paying taxes to the government is “afer”; Muslim and Christians must be administered by the Koran and Haddish after the establishment of an Islamic government”

In order to carry out these terrorist and fundamentalist objectives, the suspects have organized 80 armed people and given them bombs and military equipment; killed those that they suspect of passing information to the government; and carried out wide activities in Oromia state. The charge also said that the suspects were arrested giving education and training in an area called Lomi Meda when their military camp was captured. Mukrim Gedu and three other suspects told the court they would hire their own attorney while the rest said they are unable to do so. The court ordered that the government put up an attorney for the latter, and adjourned for the latter, and adjourned until February 4, 2009.(Source:Ethiopia 7 Days Update, A WAAG Communications News Digest Service)

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  1. January 30, 2009 at 10:30 am

    *looks horrified*

    Abettu birTu menGist atasataan…. dehninetachin yetemeseretew beErsu lai newna. If you don’t agree, check out AmdeTsion, My AmdeTsion!.

    Allah Ethiopian yiteBiq!

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