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Pop singer implicated over “stolen music”

Widely acclaimed Tigrgna pop singer Abraham GebreMedhein will have to answer questions about an alleged stealing of a song that he included in recent Nahom Records collection, Ethiopiacalinks’s “Wusit Awaki”( the Insider) announced last night.

According to Wusit Awaki, Abarahm best known for his hits “habeni” and “tedebise” is being sued by a female Trigrigna singer, Tirhas Tarekegn and her music production company, Solda Music over a song he allegedly appropriated from her album “kobel”released five months ago.abraham

The complaint filed by Tirhas and her music production company to the Ethiopian Audiovisual Association claims that Abraham’s latest single, “Gurda” was created by Amir Dawd that Tirhas used in her “Kobele” album under the title “Abelo.”

In the new Nahom Records collection, the credit for the lyrics and music was attributed to Abraham himself and Temane Haile.

Tirhas and the company say the music is “strikingly similar” and its copyright was infringed. They are seeking a ban on the distribution of the album.

Abraham who is out of the country now is expected to make his case to the Association on Thursday.

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