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Will some Fellow Ethiopian help Rosa?


By Alethia

It was a few days back that I received a letter from London about Roza Tadesse and her desperate need for medical treatment overseas. A friend asked me if I could find a way to share Roza’s desperate need for medical help with the Ethiopian public in some way. Roza sustained severe injury on her leg while playing football in the female football team.  

 Roza is 18 and she is one of the young people in Addis Ababa who under the umbrella called Serve Your Generation (SYG) are now thriving and flourishing having decisively left behind their former lives in the streets of Addis Ababa and are now diligently working in all walks of life to support themselves with consuming passion that is distinct and that distinguishes the SYG from much of the society.

Last summer, I had an opportunity to meet with the leader of SYG and had also an opportunity to speak and interact with close to 100 of the active members of the SYG in Addis. Afterwards,  I introduced the person (an Ethiopian who lives in London who sent me a letter about Roza’s need) to the SYG when the person was visiting Addis Ababa last summer. Anyone who wants to find out more about Roza’s situation can contact the person in London at the following number:  +447515436878. And also, anyone who wants to call for more information about   Roza’s situation in Ethiopia can call at:  +251911405372.

It’s my hope that some fellow Ethiopians who have a desire and ability and the means  to intervene and help their compatriot in need can do just that and can help bring about a new and better direction for Roza’s life and future. Sometime soon I’ll share my reflections on my encounter and experience with Serve Your Generation, which was the single most important experience that challenged my then very skeptical view of the future for the Ethiopian society at large.




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  1. shita
    April 29, 2008 at 6:42 am


    Thanks Alethia.

    Can we all do what we can to save this girl from more pain?


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