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Yewondoch Guday


 DIRECTOR  Henok Ayele
 PRODUCER  Arkey Sera Prodn.
 TIME  6:00  PM  25
 DISCRIPTION  Romanotic comedy

By Cyril Sabra

I’ve been yesterday to the movie, been trying for weeks now, but never managed because I thought it was too early.. ends up it’s actually 6:25PM… stupid stupid me… read 6PM… 🙂Ethiopians laughed 99% of the time, about half the time broken in two, tears running down their cheeks, and me a good 40% greatly enjoying the remaining 60% (no tears, but some good laughs and smiling all the way).

Synopsis: an average guy gets dumped by his girlfriend to marry an American (bling-bling!). invited to the wedding, he decides to go and with the support of his friends, tries to get the bride jealous by seducing another girl. by doing so, he pretends to be American himself, and basically drowns in his lie (you can never escape your lies) and it’s just hilarious!I’ve seen other Ethiopian movies but this was my first un-subtitled, and by far the best!“Romantic comedy” fits the Ethiopian film industry (at its present and quite early stage) best, from my experience (I saw 4 movies, all dullest and dumbest), but the “grossier” acting and obvious situations make this movie a success!!! lots of music and dancing, fun supporting colleagues/friends, just excellent!!! BETAM KONJO!

I’m wishing to go watch horror/thriller movies, to check it out, although I’m sure it’ll be more difficult to enjoy as I won’t understand the depth of the stories, so I need a good translator, if anyone is interested in giving a “blind-man version” during the movie 🙂 Also since I’m taking off in less than two weeks, please let me know asap 😉

Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians alike, go watch this

YEWONDOCH GUDAY (MEN’S ISSUES) you won’t regret it!Cheers
PS: whoever wrote the page on Alem Cinema’s webpage for the movie should go easy on his(her???) Erotic movies consumption… I mean… Ramanotic????

Marwan-Cyril Sabra
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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