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Held at a Distance

 I’ve been wondering lately on the number of works of memoir and fiction coming from the Diaspora.You can hardly keep up with all the writing that is pouring out of America!A fascination with the idea of homeland, a desire to discover and even create events like the Red Terror, thier Ethiopia that embraces thier root and thier parent’s past.

Held at a Distance:My Rediscovery of Ethiopia’  is the latest example.The Publiser’s note says the book gives readers a powerful and unique glimpse into a fascinating African country.Haile was born in Ethiopia in 1965 and lived there until she was eleven years old.When the Emperor was desposed by a military coup,Haile’s father, a leading academic in Addis Ababa, was shot while “resisting arrest.”Barely surving, he escaped with his family and settled in central Minnesota where they struggled with the cultural and fianancial strain of thier drastically changed circumstances.

I’m sometimes amazed at how much seriously and deeply connected some of these younger writers are to issues of Ethiopian identity, history and culture, because they have received them in a more purified way, either by reading about them or through parents. 
I think this would suffice for the book that I haven’t read it yet.But a friend promised to send me this book.

I can’t wait to get hold of it.

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  1. curious
    March 27, 2007 at 2:56 pm

    “because they have received them in a more purified way, either by reading about them or through parents.” ?????

    Do parents/family give you an objective view of our history/past/culture…?

    I understand the need for some to discover ones own or parents identity (and we all go through that phase) but usually we end up having an idealistic-nostalgic conception…if some need to have that…then so be it

  2. Jama Jama
    March 29, 2007 at 12:39 pm

    I amn’t given much into nostalgia.It is not my thing.
    Iit is a frivouls sentiment of those are idle.
    it is a kind of romance with something that is not there.A fantasy.
    A guy who came from Menze used to tell me about the tropical fruits there,something i failed to find when I went there.
    Writing, it hels to get fame and money.Don’t belive evertying they say.
    Get practical, Hizib.

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