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A chat with Prof. Donald Levine

I made my début as a Sub-Sharan Informer correspondent.(Isn’t this word ‘correspondent’ sounds more dignified  than a mere ‘reporter’?).

For my first  job, I was lucky enough to secure an interview with Prof. Donald Levine, for whose works I’ve  had a love-hate fixations.I am not sure which one  came out.

So Veritas, this would be a partial answer to your request.Yet, I will still post the transcript of  the lecture in my next post as I promised.

Coming back to the interview in the paper, some of the spelling errors, of course, were quite unfortunate.

Like, the first question was supposed to start as,

 ‘You’ve drawn attention to the commonality…’.But what  it came out was far from it.

I promise I would be more careful in the future.

But my biggest surprise of the week was not that —it was the link my blog  got form The Washington Post. You know how…..just  for linking one of their story. And I got a link back.As simple as that.

What a late learner I am!

Update:  Busy again!

The policy at this blog was supposed to be…… under promise and over deliver. But with my new engagement that I talked about, this is becoming a little tricky.

In the meantime, read the Reporter’s digest of the lecture.

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  1. Disappointed
    March 26, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    Hi, Arefe
    Endet neh?
    Sorry I saw you then but couldn’t meet you. It was a nice lecture and I was able to see Donald Levine doing as well as he is expected to. But when it came to the discussion I was really on disappointed side.
    Many scholars that hold an apparently different view form Levine were there but remained silent or invisible. I don’t know why.
    Did they think he would assume of their question stupid? Did they think they would be embarrase?
    My guess is they preferred mocking in their heart at other’s not so intelligent questions.

  2. March 26, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    whoa!!! That is great news! Though I have more contempt than respect to the US press including the Wash Post these days, it is still great to see a link to you blog on a main newspaper website. Congrats and keep up the great job!


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