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Like A Virgin

The passing of virginity is a siginificant rite of passage that occur often times during high school and college years.But a group of young girls at Addis Ababa University are determined to change that.They wish to remain virgin till marriage and to be treated like accordingly.

The girls who are all students of the Addis Ababa University 6 kilo campus came together some months ago and formed an assocation which they named,’Tsinat, the Addis Ababa University Virgin Girls Assocation’.

Through this Assocation,they are now going to challenge their peers to make a commitment to sexual abstinence.

 It was a student by the name Nina Birhanu, a third year Theatrical Arts student and a former winner of chastity contest in Harar town, who came up with the idea first.She says she got a laugh from some of her friends when she first brought it for discussion.But later, she managed to convince them and others started joining in.

Now the Assocation has 70 members, all of them certified virgins.

Nina, who has also become the president of the Assocation says that Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases are frighening realities and honoring a commitment to remain abstinent is a sure and safe way.

They have a weekly meeting where they discuss about utilizing positve peer pressure to challenge campus girls to refrain from pre-martial sex and other related issues.

The Assocation is getting assitances from the University and an organization called Initaives Africa.

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  1. Juru
    February 17, 2007 at 3:20 pm

    It’s a good cause gesture, though. STD & AIDS are not something to mess around. Hope, their message will get across. Long time ago, I’ve been told that St. Mary stopped giving out virginity. Are these girls “born again” virgins? 🙂

  2. February 17, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    What in the world does “certified” mean? They go to the doctor to get certified? If so, I hope they know some girls’ hymens break during sports or simply don’t exist in the first place!

  3. curious
    February 19, 2007 at 6:04 am

    If the girls wish to remain virgins till mariage…its their right! However advocating it sends a message! I think it is wrong to believe that “promiscuity” is the only reason why AIDS is so rampant in Ethiopia/Africa! Why do you think America, Europe and most part of the world except for our continent and the Carribean…have a far less prevalence? Can anyone honestly believe its because they have become chast and wait till mariage for sex and remain faithfull through it ? I am not trying to raise any “conspiracy theory” and indeed if you don’t have sex…you have a lesser chance of contracting aids. I formostly believe that the fight against aids has to take into accounts and based on local factors which contribute to its spread and not on a 1 message applies to all strategy! I for one will not accept celibacy and watch what our parents generation gained i.e. “sexual revolution/freedom” taken away!

  4. curious
    February 19, 2007 at 6:08 am

    i wanted to put “jurus” emoticon as a final statement but coudn’t…

  5. Juru
    February 19, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    Curious “George”, 🙂
    Let me help you out here. First type the two colon and type the hypen and then the bracket (which ever your choose). It would be posted instantly with your message. Got it?!
    Don’t you think it’s naive to think that our parents sexual freedom was “taken away”. Sure, they don’t talk about it, but they were not totally out of it.

  6. caleb
    February 20, 2007 at 3:08 pm


    It was not stated, but rest assured that a cabal of ” goremsas” are on call to certify if an applicant is a virgin or not….the old fashioned way. If the prospective member fails the test, it is not up to us ask what happened.

    On occasions, we have had to disinvite a member of the trial test cabal for forging ahead against stiff resistance. It is not a pleasant sight to see one leave with head bowed….but you gottta do what you gotta do to uphold the good name of the organization.

  7. February 25, 2007 at 6:59 am

    LOL. Oh Boy! Oh Boy…

  8. Mao
    March 1, 2007 at 10:55 am

    The other day I was at Sidis Killo for MA registration. And I was unpleasantly surprised by what I saw. Every where you turn to you would see a bunch of young girls running around. It is like you are in a kindergarten. Theses are the products of the new education system, 10 plus 2 they call them.
    These youth freshen can’t be anything but virgins. What else could they be?
    If any man dares to make any advance towards them, he is likely to get a heap of insults. They walk and act in crowd. Worse he could be accused of pedophile.
    I think the University should arrange for them an extra class on how to mature.

  9. July 9, 2007 at 12:40 am

    I found this discussion a lot of fun. First, the young women who have decided to remain chaste, good for them. Second, if one of them should decide to engage is sexual activity, how is she going to negotiate leaving the group? Third, hilarious hints at how their virginity is certified! Four, yes, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are a problem worldwide. The best method for protecting women from STD’s if they are empowered, are well informed of the facts, and have easy access to means of protecting themselves from infection. Giving women the facts is relatively easy. Even providing protection is not too difficult. Giving women the power of autonomous decision is less easy. Abuse takes many forms.

  10. March 15, 2009 at 12:09 am

    Go Girls,
    I can not see 1 reason not to support your mission. I read some unworthy comments. It doesn’t make sense to stand in oppositon of this beautiful vision. You foolish, Who doesn’t like his daughter or his sister to remain virgin until she get marry. Some people comments were un acceptable, self centered and selfesh. May Lord Jesus Christ expand your outreach and even make you spritually outreach to all nation
    now your number is 70 after few years the new members number will grow to 70——————. God Bless You

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