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An Ethiopian Odyssey

After reading one of the posts in this blog, a review of ‘Gift of Incense, A Story of Love and Revolution in Ethiopia ‘, a British author, Annette Allen wrote in the comment section to tell about her life in Ethiopia in the 1960’s and the book resulted from that experience.Hearing from an established writer is a rare thing.So I’ve brought it here.

‘I too, lived in Addis Ababa in the early 1960’s and went to Nazareth School for Girls between ‘ 62-’64.There were lots of differnet nationalities in the class:American, Armenian,Indian, and Egyptian.My classmates were Mary and Sihin Asfaw Wossen, grand daughters of the Emperor and Hiruth Girma, daughter of President Girma.I hadn’t appreciated what a good school it was.

I’ve written about some of my classmates in my first non-fiction book “An Ethiopian Odyssey”, published late last year.The return to Addis in 2004 was inspired by a dream I had in April 2000, when I dreamt I was back in the foothills with an Ethiopian couple and we were talking  about poverty and drought.Mid-conversation, I bent down to feel the dry topsoil, and knew beyond all doubt, that I was there to help provide permanent clean water for the very poor.

Do visit my website.It’s been an amazing journey, full of miracles and connections across the world.One of deep faith and joy, and meant to be.It ends at St. Paul’s chapel in New York, the small chirch of  great peace beside Ground Zero. An Ethiopian version of “The Celestine Prophecy” or “The Alchemist”, according to some. One day, I hope it will be turned into a film.I hope to let the world know the resilience of ethiopians and the connections between us all.”
Here is the website, An Ethiopian Odyssey.

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