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Holding tradition tightly

Living even in the most civilized country, Ethiopians seems to have problems escaping from the tight hold of tradition. The father who was jailed for the genital mutilation of his two-year-old daughter is a case in point.BBC  Is this a desperate attempt of a father to shelter his daughter from the permissiveness of American culture?

Meskel Square says FGM or ‘cutting’ for the squeamish or ‘circumision’ for those in denial is the most shocking thing he has comes across since moving to Ethiopia.

I wonder how  an Ethiopian who lives in the US would do stick to this practice.He must be abysmally ignorant or something.

Next, expect an Ethiopian husband to be brought to the American court for wife-beating, too. After all, this is also  one of the other  distinctions we have earned,according to Addis Admas’s report few weeks ago. The paper wrote that Ethiopia comes first in the world for wife-beating.

As a country with little distinctions and success story, such cases might be ‘nice’ ways of earning some recognition.

I don’t mean to speak ‘wax and gold’.(By the way,this ancient literary formula might be useful in blog writings, an idea that crossed my mind, after learning about the existence of  an Israeli-trained unit here that monitors e-mail and websites.Not for a coward quasi- journalist like me,of course. So,how do you do it? One popular example is ,the song about ‘a train speeding into the night taking all the youth away’ ,when what the real intent was to attack the govermen’s terror,as Hama Tuma’s The Case of the Socialist Witch Doctor and Other Stories, 1993.Give it a try ,it might work out, till they master the ‘wax and gold art.’)

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  1. Zelalem B.
    November 9, 2006 at 10:53 am

    I am not an apologist for FGM.But when we speak about tradition, there is a tendency to consider it as an obstacle which should be discarded.Those who reject traditional values take the western model as a precedent.Westernaization is mostly equated with modernization and accordingly customs and ways of life adhered bt traditional people should be abandoned in favor of some external culture and way of life.
    But, the road to modernazation is not paved by abandoning cherished customs and beliefs but by bolstering and enhancing them.Tradtion can’t be an obstacle and shouldn’t be removed from the scene, but should be seen as a basis for achieving modernization.In fact, tradition should be jealosly guarded.Looking back in search of roots and orgins is not a way backward but a way forward.
    Let us think of ways of upgrading our tradition.

  2. Anonymous
    November 15, 2006 at 2:45 pm

    I agree with the above person.We should respect tradition and find ways of improving it.

  1. November 8, 2006 at 6:18 pm

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