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Thousands visit scene of Che’s death

October 7, 2007 5 comments

A story from the October 5 edition of the Independent on the pigrimage tens of thousands made to scene of Che Guevara’s death. Read more…

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Jena, a Town in Black and white

September 22, 2007 7 comments

Thought this might interest you!

A story from the New York Times  on a small town in the US that made headline for racial tension surrounding the school system and the Jena Six.

And curiously it all started in an oak tree.  

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The Land of No Jealousy

August 31, 2007 2 comments

This essay, “The Land of No Jealousy” written by the renowned writer Sebhat Gebre Egziabher initially appeared in Dec 1992 edition of Yekatit magazine. In it Sebhat portrays a society in the South of Ethiopia, which he says has solved a big societal and moral problem- jealousy. He relies on a tale from a friend and a famous incident to present a perspective on this particular society that he says has owned “a highly realistic and highly sophisticated arrangement”. In a typical Sebhat style, it was written in a simple yet elegant style. Read more…

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China to crack down bad English

July 18, 2007 3 comments

One more reason not to live in China.Read on to find out!

Along with spitting, run-down housing and bad manners, add unintelligible English to the list of things organizers of the 2008 Beijing Olympics want to ban. Read more…

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Four Women Fired for Gossiping

May 29, 2007 4 comments

Gossiping is a sin that we commit every day.Sadly, we go unpunished for it.

But that is not the case anymore, at least in America.Check this out, ABC News.

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Lust in Translation

April 30, 2007 6 comments

I was taking a look at this rare global look at infidelity. 

 It is a new study publised in book, Lust in Translation this April.It has some surprising results and findings.

The underling theme is  adultery is more widespread in the South than in the North.

The book is written by a certain Pamela Druckermann, formerly a foreign correspondent for The Wall Street Journal and published by Penguin.So you don’t expect it to be scientific.

No tangible figures but the author interviewd people from all over the world, of differnet background, and religion.

 Some of the results.

The US tops the world for bieng prudish (or hypocrat? ).To put it more accuratly, Americans don’t sleep around much.

The French sleeps around less than Americans do.(The biggest surpise of all).But when they do,they don’t get caught.

In many other countries, adultery is not such a big deal-often it is accepted if not formally condoned.So says the study.

In Togo, 37 % men admitted of having extramartial affairs against 3 % in Sweden.(Poor Swedes!)

But Finland makes an exception of the Scandinavian countries with 50 % adulteries men.I wonder why.

The Russians regard affairs as benign vices, like cigar and scotch.The Japanese have institutionalized etramaritial sex through clubs and salaryman lifestyle.South Afircans would rather die than be monogamus.(One paper find this insulting and patently absurd)

The not so surprise.The biggest factor for infidelity is simply being male.

Ethiopia is not included in the study.(Make a guess of your own, reading Molvaers’  unflattering old essay, The Sex life of the Amhara people, Going Great Length to Please, helps, too.)

Not every one is convinced by the result of the reasrch.The New York Times called this book as a new set of stereotypes and generalizations.The Washington Post also used similar words, superficial and sterotypical.

On my part, I find it amusing.

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Happy Easter!

April 7, 2007 Leave a comment

Wish you a Happy Easter!

Sorry for the disappearance.I was sort of busy.

I am back now and I will try to update it as often as posible.

For a start, how about this newsflash from the Sub-Saharan Informer?

By Hallelujah Lulie

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia- A nun in Addis Ababa who what many believe is a member of a breakaway sect of the Ethiopian Orthodox church was briefly arrested on Thursday by police following reports that she was attempting to go through a devotional crucifixion.

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The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears:A Novel

March 9, 2007 Leave a comment

The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears: A Novel
Dinaw Mengestu
Riverhead Books: 230 pp., $22.95

Dinaw Mengestu belongs to that special group of American voices produced by global upheavals and intentional, if sometimes forced, migrations. These are the writer-immigrants coming here from Africa, East India, Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Their struggles for identity mark a new turn within the ranks of American writers I like to call “the in-betweeners.” The most interesting work in American literature has often been done by such writers, their liminality and luminosity in American culture produced by changing national definitions (Twain, Kerouac, Ginsberg), by being the children of immigrants themselves (Bellow, Singer), by voluntary exile (Baldwin, Hemingway) and by trauma (Bambara, Morrison).

The new writer-immigrants are more uniquely caught between loyalties — to a home they are still linked to and involved in and to the lives they are committed to making here. It is a difficult negotiation and yet an amazing resource for works of exquisite frustration: hopeful, lonely, joyful and something else that cannot be named. These are writers who are making America their own but are also bringing the larger world into its streets, to borrow a phrase from Walter Mosley. This is the kind of writer Mengestu is, and “The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears” is the wrenching and important book he has made of this struggle.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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Why China wants you to learn Chinese?

February 3, 2007 3 comments

Wish to know why China wants you to learn Chinese? Read this.

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Mock Me If You Will But…

January 29, 2007 3 comments

‘Ethiopia My Home’ (Shama Books, 2001), a book based on story of a certain John Moraitis, a Greek who had been an Ethiopian goverment employee and the long-term Reauters correspondent during the Emperor’s time is full of amusing and intersting anecdotes.This one that I’d like to share you revolves around on a certian wealthy Ethiopian nobleman who was a customer in the bank (The Bank of Abyssinnia) where John was working as a clerk.It tells how John and some other Greeks came to rescue the man whom they regard as thier business rival while he was in deep trouble over his …. Here it goes.

One very important Ethiopian nobleman who dealt extensively with the bank was Ras Hailu Takle Haymanot, the hereditary chief of Gojam, a merchant prince, the wealthiest of the wealthy.He was notorious among merchants, particularly the Greeks, for his efforts to monopolize the trade in the north and especially in Gojam.John, Eftimiadis, and a number of Greek traders were intrigued when he invited them to his compound.Soon after everyone had arrived, he announced to them that he was superior to all other businessmen, but that he had a problem he had been unable to solve.John tried to imagine what sort of problem would prompt such a powerful and successful man to gather such as this for discussion.Quite unexpectedly, his host declared that he had difficulties with his genital organs, and he promised the immense sum of 3000 Birr if they could produce a cure.They did and were duly paid.

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